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Sauna rooms come in different shapes and sizes, from 2 persons up to 11 persons capacity, with over 30 different designs to choose from. Most common saunas are indoor sauna rooms. Indoor sauna rooms are more private. It is more convenient to position the sauna near the bathroom or Jacuzzi because as a rule, sauna requires a shower or a bath before using it. There are four different standard designs available:

• BOX TYPE SAUNA ROOM: It is ideal for easy installation on any given space along with its traditional box type appearance and cozy interior.CORNER SAUNA ROOMS: Designed to ingeniously fit in on corners of the premises without sacrificing convenience. It reduces the needed doorway space.

• OUTDOOR SAUNA ROOMS: An exquisite scenery to a very satisfying sauna bath. Best placed near swimming pools or bathing facilities. It stands strong to resist nature’s harsh elements with its high enduring asphalt r oof and beautiful lacquered spruce walls.

• CUSTOMIZED SAUNA ROOMS: With our expertise in building saunas, we can provide a Customized Sauna Design that meets your expectations. Shape and size of area is limitless as long as a proper ventilation and drainage system of the allotted area complies with the standards of sauna. Sauna rooms will be built according to your specifications.

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 The Steam Bath Restore Module is made of a self-supporting structure and an inside-outside covering in shiny ABS, that ensures absolute waterproofing, maximum durability and UV-resistance. The Steam Bath Restore Module is insulated with materials that guarantee a very high thermal insulation (EPS) and consequently a lower power consumption. The Steam Bath Restore Module is finished, there is no need of further processing of coating inside or outside, it can be disassembled and moved and the technical room is included in the structure.

• Steam generator  with insulated pipes and nozzle for steam inlet.
• Technique to spread the essences.
• White shower hose with piezoelectric button for the start.
• Loudspeakers
• Emergency button
• Benches in white shiny fiberglass
• Lighting system with stripled technology under the benches
• Front window made in transparent extra-clear 10 mm tempered glass completed with accessorizes and a pair of handles

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