About Us

Your Pool, Our priority.


The commitment members of team AQUA SWIMMING
POOLS share the common mission and are determined to:
❖ Become one of the leaders in swimming pool construction company preferred by clients and consultants of the UAE market.

❖We are the best swimming pool contracting company in UAE.
❖ To attain total professionalism.
❖ To strive & sustain Total Quality Management (TQM) system.
❖ To sustain & enlarge the list of fully satisfied clients with zero complaints.


To become a global player in the sector, signing under the prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence of work.


❖ Professional and experienced management.
❖ Qualified and experienced office and projects staff and work force.
❖ One aim, one target.
❖ Result-oriented approach.
❖ Friendly, but professional relationship.


Our philosophy is highlighted by the following guidelines:
❖ To deliver the highest standards in our services by treating both customers and employees with utmost respect and trust.
❖ To maintain quality control at all levels of our operations for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
❖ To create innovative solutions in our operations and utilize the available best advanced environment friendly technology to achieve our goal.
❖ To coordinate with all levels of staff, in order to pursue and manage any project, right from the conceptual stage to the implementation and completion of the project.
❖ AQUA SWIMMING POOLS objectives are committed to maintaining a balance between the interests of our Clients and our staff.
❖ Our Clients are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions, which will add value to their own systems and installations. Their problems are our challenges, for which we are eager to offer innovative, cost-effective & reliable products and solutions, fully fit for the purpose intended, without compromising on quality and the possibility of conservation of resources at any stage.
❖ we are committed to service before and after sales of our solutions. It is our endeavour to create a culture of Total Quality where continuous improvement of our people, our processes and choice of products become a way of life.
❖ We constantly update our system to utilize state of the art technology available to achieve our goals. Apart from training our staff on the emerging technologies, we also keep our customers updated on the latest technologies to improve their operating environment and reduce consumption of energy, which is the core part of our business.


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